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June-July 2017

June-July 2017 Voter

Here is The Voter for June & July, 2017!

Interested in following legislation in California? You can volunteer to study legislation and help advise LWVC. See page 8. Did you march for science on April 29? Look who else marched on page 4. Check out Coast's year in review written by Co-President Diane Nied on page 2 & 3. Interested in Civil Discourse? Check out the latest news from LWVUS on page 9. Want to discuss healthcare with other Leagues? See page 9 On pages 6 & 7, is great article on Homelessness in the OC. Are you ready to join our Speakers Bureau or help educate voters? See page 5. Celebrate!! June is Rose Month and Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! Juneteenth 19, U.S. (Emancipation Proclamation 1863) June 2, Festival of Utter Confusion Day June 13, Kitchen Klutzes of America Day June 27, Captain Kangaroo's Birthday

July is Hot Dog Month! July 2, I Forgot Day July 18, Caviar Day (great with hard-boiled egg chopped and diced onion on a blini) July 22, Spoonerisms Day

April-May 2017

April-May 2017

Here is your April-May, 2017 Voter!

1. CALL TO CONVENTION! To help educate new members and refresh current members' memory, in preparation to attend the LWV of California's Convention June 2-4, at the Sheraton Grand in Sacramento, we are putting information about how the League takes action starting this issue in California Update on page 11.

2. April is Poetry Month check out page 5 we have found a poem apropos to today's political climate.

3. Now is the time of year for Annual Meetings or local League Conventions as we dub them. Information for LWV of Orange Coast is on page 4 and for LWV of Orange County information is on page 2.

4. What has the Orange County Board of Supervisors been up to? See page 7.

5. Did you know that Orange County annually publishes a report on the conditions of the children who live in Orange County? See the summary of that report on pages 7-8.

6. It's that time of year, when the world falls in love...Oops!....... No!... Wait!.... Not That time of year but it is time for Legislative Interviews. Check out page 6 and volunteer to interview your legislators. They just might learn something from you!

7. Read with the League, do you want to join a League Book Club? See our President's Message on page 3 and check which schedule works for you in the Calendar on pages 1 and 2.

8. Concerned about the possibility of an Article V Constitutional Convention? Check out LWVUS in the news on page 11.

Celebrate! Celebrate!

April: California Poppy Day April 7, Kiss Your Mate Day April 28, and Hairstylist Day is April 30!

May is Asia/Pacific-Americans Heritage Month: Mother Goose Day May 1, Un-Mother's Day May 5, and Nurses Day May 6.

February -March 2017

February-March Voter 2017

Here is your February-March Voter!

Check the Lunch with League details and note the change of location on page 4.

What have your fellow Leaguers been up to in the past year? See page 2 & 3.

Interested in women's health issues? See what's happening on page 5.

What are "Wicked Problems"? See page 7.

Call to LWV of California Convention June 2-4, 2017! Check it out on page 8.

Was the 2016 National Election rigged? See for yourself on pages 9 & 10.

And there's lots more for your information!

Celebrate! Happy Chinese New Year January 28, 2017

February is: National Black History Month, National Children's Dental Health Month, & American Heart Month February 1: National Freedom Day February 12: Lincoln's Birthday February 15: Susan B. Anthony Day February 22: Washington's Birthday

March is: Women's History Month, National Poetry Month, & Ethics Awareness Month March 8: International Women's Day March 15: Birthday of the Girl Scouts March 18: Anniversary Camp Fire Boys and Girls March 26: Make Your Own Holiday Day

December 2016-January 2017

December 2016-January 2017

Happy Hanukkah, December 24-January 1! Merry Christmas December 25! Happy Kwanzaa December 26! Happy New Year January 1!

Here is your December 2016-January 2017 Voter!

1.Check the calendar on page 1 and page 3 for coming events.

2. Concerned about the effect of the November National election and want to do something constructive? See page 11.

3. What is the "Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association"? Check out page 10.
4. What is Program Planning and why do we do it? See pages 7 and 8.
5. Homelessness: how is Orange County government dealing with it? See page 8 and 9.
8. See update on LWVC and LWVUS activities on pages 12 and 13.
9. What the heck is the "Orange County Superior Court Leadership Academy"? Learn on pages 5 and 6.

December 12 is Foster Child Day, the day we should celebrate the kids who are in need. January 8 is Bubble Bath Day! Go soak in the suds!!

October-November 2016

October-November 2016 Voter

1. What's planned for Lunch with League in October and November? Check out page 3.
2. Who was Inez Milholland and why is she important to me as a women? See page 5.
3. Need better information on the November 8, ballot measures? It's on pages 4 and 6.
4. A lawsuit here, a lawsuit there, a lawsuit everywhere! All over the U.S. Leagues are filing lawsuits to protect voting rights! See page 7 for more information.


Did you know?

October is: Breast Cancer Awareness Month, AIDS Awareness Month, & Gay & Lesbian History Month United Nations Day October 24

November is: Native American Heritage Month, Aviation History Month, & Diabetes Awareness Month World Peace Day is November 17. Members please note that wherever there is a website or phrase underlined in blue it is an active link to the subject matter it accompanies.

August-September 2016

August-September 2016 Orange Coast The Voter Newsletter

The Voter August-September 2016

Check out the calendar (page 1) for things to do this summer and who will be speaking at Lunch with League on page 3. Do you know that the LWVUS has a permanent observer at the United Nations? On page 6 is her statement on human trafficking. So...what happened at the 52nd LWVUS National Convention? See page 5. Interested Mental Health Issues and are willing to serve on the Mental Health Board in Orange County? Check out page 4 for more information. Take Action with LWVUS!! See page 7.

Celebrate August 26th Women's Equality Day August 5th is Sister's Day, Labor Day and International Forgiveness Day September 17th is Constitutional Day September 18th is International Peace Day

June-July 2016

June-July 2016 Orange Coast Voter Newsletter

The Voter June-July, 2016

Take action on important issues with LWVUS see pages 7 & 9.

What happened at Coast and Capo Bay Annual Meetings? See pages 2 & 3.

Interested in the future of California elections? See pages 5 & 6.

Check out what LWVC and LWVUS are doing on pages 8 & 9.

Save the Date: Friday, August 19, noon Topic: SCOTUS After the Death of Justice Scalia. Speaker: Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, UC Irvine, School of Law



June 8 World Oceans Day

June 10, 1963 +Equal Pay Act enacted: "To prohibit discrimination on account of sex in the payment of wages by employers engaged in commerce or in the production of goods for commerce."

June 14 - Flag Day!

June 19 + "Juneteenth" Celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863

June 23, 1972+ Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is signed by President Nixon, one of the most important legislation initiatives passed for women and girls since women won the vote in 1920. This legislation guarantees equal access and equal opportunity for females and males in almost all aspects of our educational systems

Gay and Lesbian Pride Day (International) (Observed the last Sunday in June)

JULY In July we celebrate essential democratic anniversaries -- the birth of the United States on July 4, 1776 and the birth of the Women's Rights Movement on July 19-20, 1848. July 2, 1964 + President Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act; Title VII prohibits sex discrimination in employment

July 4, 1876 + Suffragists crash the Centennial Celebration in Independence Hall to present the Vice President with the "Declaration of the Rights of Women" written by Matilda Joselyn Gage

July 19 and 20 - Anniversary of the First Women's Rights Conference

On July 19-20, 1848, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott spearheaded the first women's rights convention in American History. Over 300 women and men came to Seneca Falls, New York to protest the mistreatment of women in social, economic, political, and religious life. This marked the first public meeting calling for women's right to vote.

April-May Voter

April-May 2016 Orange Coast Voter Newsletter

Celebrate April, National Poetry Month! April 12th. is Equal Pay Day! April 22nd. is Earth Day & Girl Scout Leader Day! May is Asian-Pacific, Jewish and Arab American Heritage Month! May 1st. is Law Day & National Teacher's Day! May 15th. is Peace Officers Memorial Day.

Look what we have for you in the April-May 2016 Voter!

Call to Convention! See page 2, for information on LWV Orange Coast Annual Meeting.

Be sure to make your reservations for the Extended Lunch with League and Consensus Meeting on April 15th. See pages 3 & 4.

Find out about New Members on page 4.

What is the Orange County Board of Supervisors up to now? See page 5.

Check out pages 8 & 9 to see what LWV of California and LWVUS are doing.

Interested in Voters' Service? To get involved see page 6.

Concerned about 'money in politics'? See what the LWV of Orange County decided page 7.

February-March 2016

February-March 2016 Voter

Celebrate! February is Black History Month. Take the Black History Month Challenge: Link February 1, 2016, is National Freedom Day

March is Women's History Month March 8, 2016, is International Women's Day March 22, 2016, is International Water Day

Interested in Higher Education in California see page 3.

Annual Meeting is coming! Be prepared! Read LWV Orange Coast's Program on pages 5 & 6.

First Call to LWVUS Convention in Washington DC! Be prepared! Attend the LWVUS Program "Call to Action" on page 3.

Check out what our local League was up to last year see page 2.

See what's happening in the LWV of California & LWVUS on pages 8 & 9.

Want to help LWVC prepare for the June Primary? See page 7.